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TRC Supplies New “Like For Like” Windows for The BBC’s new EastEnders set

TRC Supplies New “Like For Like” Windows for The BBC’s new EastEnders set
TRC Supplies New “Like For Like” Windows for The BBC’s new EastEnders set
Mon Jul 8

Remember Dirty Den, Angie, Nasty Nick and the Fowler family? Then you probably watched EastEnders, the BBC’s flagship “soap opera/continuing drama” when it originally launched in the 1980s. In fact, the iconic Albert Square and the rest of the external filming set for EastEnders was constructed way back in 1984 and this set was expected to be used for two years. However, thirty-five years later, they are still using the same set despite it being unfit for purpose – causing expensive filming delays and soaring maintenance costs.

Wates Construction was appointed by the BBC in September 2018 to build a modern replica of the EastEnders set. The aims of this project are to remove the current production problems, to save the corporation almost £500,000 a year, and to enable the programme to be filmed in high definition for the first time ever. There will be a Front Lot that replicates Albert Square and the current traditional set and also a new Back Lot, designed to extend Walford and to look more like the modern streets of London’s East End in the 21st century. However, only one company could provide the “Like for Like” windows for every building on the new set…

With over 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing of bespoke heritage windows, TRC was chosen to supply the new heritage sash windows and timber casement windows with solid glazing bars and putty fronting for the new EastEnders set.

The key requirement for these new windows was that they need to be “like for like” replacements of the existing windows in Albert Square. Although the current set was physically built in 1984, the windows in each of the buildings would be of different ages often reflecting the characters living in each house and it was important to enable the programme design team to “dress the set” accordingly.

In other words, viewers soon to be watching in high definition should be totally unaware that the Queen Vic, for example, will actually be a brand new version of this classic EastEnders pub.

Working closely with the project architects, Jenkins Design Services, TRC custom-built bespoke slim box single glazed heritage sash windows, spring balance heritage sash windows, and single glazed heritage casement windows to replicate the current windows in precise detail.

Here are just a couple of examples of this fine detailing. For instance, we designed a bespoke 63mm reduced slim box, we created 14 different sash horn designs, and we also used 4mm toughened single glass panes – all to match the original windows.

Additionally, refined sight lines are the key to the aesthetic of any window and Georgian sash windows traditionally have numerous glazing bars. So, by combining our custom-made independent slim low-sight line units with 24mm solid-through glazing bars, we retain the visual integrity of traditional box sash windows, whilst meeting the demanding thermal and acoustic specifications required by current building regulations. Whilst this might take a little more time and effort, the results are spectacular and the lifespan of the build is dramatically extended.

We were chosen because TRC is the most experienced window company in the UK when it comes to design, supply and installation of “Like for Like” slim profile single and double glazed sash windows and casement windows. The new EastEnders set is expected to be finally finished and delivered in 2023 and we are really excited to see all our hard work being regularly broadcast in prime time TV across the UK and also by many other countries who also offer EastEnders on their networks.

If we can help you with your heritage window restoration project or you would like custom-made replacement “like for like” slim profile double glazed timber sash windows and casement windows, please call TRC Contracts, “Experts in Bespoke Timber Sash & Casement Windows Replacement & Restoration” on 01858 469 225 or send an email to


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