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A Guide to the Different Sash Window Styles

A Guide to the Different Sash Window Styles
A Guide to the Different Sash Window Styles
Fri Jun 21

Sash windows are a quintessential feature of British architecture, adding charm and character to both historic and modern properties. At TRC Contracts, we take pride in our expertise in restoring, designing, and manufacturing a wide range of sash window styles, each with its unique flair and historical significance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different types of sash windows available, shedding light on their distinctive characteristics and the periods they represent.

Georgian Sash Window Styles

The Origins of Sash Windows

Sash windows trace their roots back to the late 17th century when they were first introduced in France before making their way to England. They quickly became the preferred window design in Britain, dominating the architectural landscape for nearly three centuries.

6 Panes over 6 Panes

Georgian sash windows are among the oldest types still commonly found in the UK. Due to the limitations of glass manufacturing at the time, these windows traditionally featured a ‘6 panes over 6 panes’ design, with numerous glazing bars holding together small panes of glass. This classic style exudes elegance and a sense of history, making it a popular choice for period properties and listed buildings.

Victorian Sash Window Styles

Advancements in Glass Manufacturing

The Victorian era brought significant advancements in glass production, allowing for larger panes of glass to be manufactured. This innovation led to the emergence of the ‘two-over-two’ grid design, reducing the number of glazing bars and allowing more natural light to enter the room.

Run-through Sash Horns

To accommodate the heavier glass, Victorian sash windows were fitted with run-through sash horns, ensuring the sashes were strong enough to support the weight. While modern designs may not require this feature, many incorporate stick-on sash horns, also known as ‘bolt-ons,’ a common feature to preserve the historic appearance.

Queen Anne Sash Window Styles

English Baroque Architecture

Queen Anne sash windows are a form of English Baroque architecture, prominent during Queen Anne’s reign from 1702 to 1714. These windows feature numerous glazing bars holding together a multitude of small, sometimes coloured, glass panes, creating a distinct and visually striking appearance.

Edwardian Sash Windows

The Best of Both Worlds

The Edwardian era, though brief, left a lasting impact on British architecture. Edwardian sash windows combined the elegance of Georgian era and Victorian styles, featuring an elegant 6-panel sash atop a 2-panel bottom sash. While they let in less light than Victorian sash windows, their unique and glamorous appearance made them a coveted feature in homes of the era.

Bay Sash Windows

Letting in Natural Light and Warmth

Bay windows became popular during the Edwardian era, coinciding with the rise of suburban neighbourhoods. These protrusions from the property’s walls not only created additional living space but also allowed for an abundance of natural light and warmth to enter the home.

Canted, Circle, and Oriel Bay Windows

TRC Contracts offers various bay window styles, including canted bay windows with angled flanking windows, circle bay windows with a semi-circular design, and oriel windows supported by decorative corbels or brackets, typically found on upper floors.

Coupled Windows and Venetian-Style Sash Windows

Symmetry and Italian Renaissance

Coupled windows, featuring two equal-sized windows placed closely together, offer a symmetrical appeal and abundant natural light. Venetian-style sash windows, inspired by Palladian architecture, consist of a large central window topped with an arch and flanked by two smaller windows, often separated by pillars, creating a quintessential Italian Renaissance aesthetic.

Box Sash Windows and Spring Sash Windows

Traditional Weight and Pulley Systems

Box sash windows are the traditional style, utilising a weight and pulley system discreetly housed on either side of the window to counterbalance the upper and lower sashes for smooth operation. This classic design is ideal for listed buildings and architect-led new developments, offering genuine character and charm.

Modern Spring-Loaded Mechanisms

Spring sash windows, on the other hand, are a modern alternative that incorporate a spring-loaded mechanism. While they may lack the historic charm of box sash windows, they offer a longer service life and smoother operation, making them a popular choice for contemporary projects.

Vacuum Double Glazing and Sash Windows

Vacuum double glazing is a modern solution that can be seamlessly integrated into sash windows of any era. Unlike traditional single glazing or double glazing, which relies on gas-filled gaps that can deteriorate over time, vacuum glass creates a vacuum between the panes, resulting in an ultra-thin and discreet double-glazing solution that preserves the historic appearance while enhancing thermal and acoustic performance.

TRC Contracts: Combining Heritage and Modern Performance

At TRC Contracts, we offer a range of different types of sash window designs, including Heritage sash windows, traditional box sash windows, easy clean sash windows, spring sliding sash windows, and triple glazed sash windows.

We understand the importance of preserving the heritage and character of sash windows while incorporating modern performance and energy efficiency. Our expert craftsmen use traditional methods and materials to create bespoke sash windows tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Our windows are made from high-quality, sustainably sourced timber and are designed to blend seamlessly with the original architecture of your project. We offer a range of glazing options, including double glazing, triple glazing and vacuum glazing, to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise pollution. Additionally, we provide various features such as draught-proofing and security locks to ensure your sash windows are both aesthetically stunning and functional.

Whether you’re looking to restore a period home or add traditional charm to a modern property, TRC Contracts has the expertise and experience to create the perfect sash windows for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation with our team.

As a trusted and reputable supplier, TRC Contracts is proud to be a member of NBS Source. Our profile on NBS Source provides architects with easy access to detailed information about our products and services, making it even more convenient for you to explore the range of sash windows we offer.

Visit our profile on NBS Source today to learn more about how TRC Contracts can meet your project requirements and deliver exceptional results.

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