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Preserving Character and Enhancing Performance: Double Glazing Sash Windows with TRC Contracts

Preserving Character and Enhancing Performance: Double Glazing Sash Windows with TRC Contracts
Preserving Character and Enhancing Performance: Double Glazing Sash Windows with TRC Contracts
Fri Apr 12

When it comes to preserving the character of period properties, sash windows are a key feature that should not be overlooked.

However, many traditional timber sash windows suffer from poor thermal performance due to single glazing. This can lead to heat loss, draughts and increased energy bills.

With TRC Contracts’ glass replacement service, architects have access to double glazed original sash windows with no compromise on their historic charm.

TRC specialises in glass replacement for traditional timber sash and casement windows. Our aim is to provide modern features while retaining the elegance of original windows.

We offer ultra-slim double-glazed units that fit into most single-glazed openings with minimal disruption.

How does our glass replacement process work?

Ultra-slim sealed double glazed units

Our sealed units consist a of a variety of low E glass which can be either toughened or laminated and are filled with Kryton or Argon gas depending on the U values required.

Warm edge spacer bar

To reduce perimeter condensation, we use a warm edge spacer bar which provides excellent thermal efficiency compared to standard aluminium spacers commonly found in older window systems.

Elastic dry glazing sealant

Instead of using traditional linseed oil putty which becomes brittle over time, we seal our new double glazed units with Repair Care Dry Seal™ MP – an elastic sealing compound that offers superior durability and protection against water ingress.

What benefits will I get from investing in TRC’s services?

Energy efficiency

By introducing double glazing to wooden sash windows, you significantly improve their energy efficiency by reducing heat loss through the panes of glass. This means lower heating costs during winter months and reduced carbon footprint overall.

Thermal performance

Our glass replacement service offers excellent thermal performance with U-values as low as 1.3 W/m²K for units with larger cavities or thicker glass. This ensures properties stay warm in winter and cool in summer, providing a comfortable environment all year round.

Acoustic performance

Our double-glazed units are filled with heavy gases that provide superior acoustic performance compared to standard single glazing. With sound reduction ratings of up to 38 dB Rw, your clients can enjoy peace and quiet inside their property.

Preservation of original windows

We understand the importance of preserving the character and historic value of original sash windows, especially in a listed building or if a property is located within a conservation area. Our glass replacement service allows architects to retain an authentic look while enhancing a building’s functionality.

Expert installation and long-lasting guarantee

With TRC Contracts’ team of window restoration specialists on-site, we ensure efficient installation that causes minimal disruption. Additionally, we offer a 5-year guarantee on our glass replacement services for added peace of mind.

How can TRC Contracts help you?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to double glaze sash windows without compromising their original charm – the answer is yes.

TRC Contracts’ glass replacement service provides high-quality fitting with minimal disruption while improving energy efficiency and overall comfort in period properties.

To learn more about how TRC Contracts can help enhance the performance and preserve character through our professional window restoration services please get in touch today.

As a trusted and reputable supplier, TRC Contracts is proud to be a member of NBS Source. Our profile on NBS Source provides architects with easy access to detailed information about our products and services, making it even more convenient for you to explore the range of sash windows we offer.

Visit our profile on NBS Source today to learn more about how TRC Contracts can meet your project requirements and deliver exceptional results.

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