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What are the benefits of sash windows?

What are the benefits of sash windows?
What are the benefits of sash windows?
Sun Nov 27

A sash window will be hard to beat if you are looking for a traditional touch to your property. Sash windows have been around for some time, and whilst they may not be the most modern approach to glazing in your property, they are still an excellent option for many people.

Aside from how they look (which is the main reason many people want them), there are plenty of other great reasons to choose sash windows for your home. Let us share some of the main benefits of choosing sash windows.

They are low maintenance

One of the best things about sash windows is that they are low maintenance, so long as you choose a more modern material such as aluminium or uPVC. These do not require any sanding or varnish to be applied, and there is a low risk of warping. All things that can make for the best in low-maintenance windows still look amazing.

They are secure

Security is an incredibly important consideration for any home, and the good news about sash windows is that they are both safe and secure. Only one panel of the window can be opened at a time, which means that they are not easy to climb through, should anyone be able to open them. Not only this, but you can add extra safety features, making it even harder for them to be opened in the first place.

They look amazing

We know we mentioned this earlier in the post, but this is worth mentioning again. One of the main reasons that people choose sash windows for their homes is because they look fantastic.

They have a traditional style which is hard to beat, and they can improve the overall look of your property. Some people have found that the value of their property (and the appeal of it, too) has increased simply by choosing sash windows over the alternatives.

They are versatile

Whilst you would most likely see a sash window on a traditional property, it is essential to know that they are incredibly versatile. They will work not only with more conventional properties, such as country houses but also with more modern properties. We have seen sash windows as a feature on apartments and older properties, which may sound strange, but when you see them, you know that they work.

The reasons to have sash windows installed on your property are all your own, and it is entirely down to personal choice. We know that the traditional style might not be something everyone likes for their home, but those who enjoy an elegant and classic property will also be more likely to love how a sash window looks too.

Considering just how safe, secure and robust they are, it makes sense why you may want to choose sash windows for your home.


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