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What are French doors and should I choose them?

What are French doors and should I choose them?
What are French doors and should I choose them?
Fri Dec 23

When you are finishing your home, there are many options for you to consider; the doors and windows are just other choices you need to make.

Moving from the inside of your house to the outside means you will need a door with certain qualities for you to consider.

One option is French doors. But what are French doors, and why are they a great choice?

What are French doors?

French doors are two doors that open outward from the middle of a frame. They are usually made from toughened glass to make them as safe as possible and are typically seen leading onto the garden from the interior of your house.

They can vary in size, depending on the space that you have in your house. They can be designed to be a large or a small opening; you need to consider which size will be the right option for you.

Another thing you will need to consider is the benefits and key features of French doors and whether they match what you need from your entries. To help you to make that decision, we have put together our guide to the key benefits of French doors.

They are secure

One of the best things about French doors is that they are secure. This comes not only from the double-glazed, toughened glass but also from the fact that they can be combined with sturdy locks. This is particularly important if you are installing French doors on a lower level of your house (as is most likely).

They are cost effective

Another great reason to choose French doors is that they are cost-effective. In their basic form, with a simple design and installed in a space that is not too big, they can work out to be relatively cheap.

This is true when you compare sliding doors, as the mechanisms included with these doors are often more complicated.

They are open entirely

Sliding doors do not open the whole way, so the outside opening will always be obscured. A French door opens all the way, with limited obstructions, which means that you can exit and enter the house quickly and with nothing in the way.

They can work as an internal or external door

When you think of French doors, you are likely to think of them as exterior doors that you can open to move from the inside to the outside of your home. Whilst this is the most common place to see a French door installed, they also will work as an internal door.

Some parts of a house that could have French doors installed include between a dressing room and a bedroom or entering into a playroom.

The main reason that many people choose a French door for their home is that they want to ensure that they let in as much natural light as possible into the space. They bring a sense of openness to your home and ensure that you can move freely between the inside and outside quickly.


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