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Thinking about child-friendly windows

Thinking about child-friendly windows
Thinking about child-friendly windows
Wed Feb 22

Having a child in your home means that you need to think about how to protect them and keep the same. There are lots of ways that you can make the interior of your home child-proofed but what about the exterior?

There are a few different parts of the exterior of your home that could be a possible risk to children. Your windows are a prime example of this.

The good news is that there are ways that you can install child-friendly windows in your property. All whilst they still look great!

The problem with windows

Windows are a necessary addition to your home, of course, but what you may not realise is that they can pose a threat to children that live there. They are far too tempting for them to sit and watch the world outside go by, and whilst this may seem innocent enough if the window is faulty, doesn’t shut properly or is easy for them to open, then there is a risk that they could then fall out.

This may not cause too major an injury to them if it is a lower floor window (although they can, of course, still get hurt), but if the window is on an upper floor, then this can cause serious injuries and even death.

How to make windows safe

There are a few ways that windows can be made safe in your home. One of the ways is to install specialist window restrictors which allow for the window to be open (something that you may want in the warmer weather), but they cannot be fully opened by a child should they have access to the window.

Another thing to do is to ensure that there is no easy route to the window for the child, particularly if they are a younger child. If they cannot find a way to climb up to the window and reach the sill, then they are going to be less likely to fall out of it.

If you make windows seem relatively boring too, rather than popping around lots of toys and decorations, then you are making this part of your house even less inviting and interesting for them.

Not only do you need to consider the window and its opening, but you also need to think about what is around the window. Another possible risk is the cords on the shades or the blinds.

These can be extremely dangerous for children, especially if they are dangling, and this can cause strangulation or near-strangulation to occur.

It is important that you consider how safe and secure your windows are, particularly for the younger people in your household. It is down to the adults to ensure that they are protected and that they are not at risk of any injury.

Not only should you consider the best safety measures, but also invest in high-quality windows too, as these will help to make sure that the windows are strong, sturdy and will stand the test of time.


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