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The difference between casement windows and sash windows

The difference between casement windows and sash windows
The difference between casement windows and sash windows
Tue Aug 23

For many people, a window is a window. They may not realise the sheer difference in all the window types and what they can bring to your home. Not only this, but some people find that they misunderstand the differences between some of the window types, confusing them for one another.

Two common window types that are confused with one another are casement windows and sash windows. So, what are the differences between them that you should keep in mind?

Their shape

The shapes of both casement windows and sash windows are very slightly different. Sash windows sit flush within the frame of the window, and this means that they have a smaller gap between the glazing and the profiles.

In casement windows, the additional gap that is made by the window not sitting as flush means that they can open wider, and the window is more expansive.

Sash windows, in comparison, can open vertically. Another advantage to sash windows over casement is that they are better at helping to keep cold air out and warm air in, which reduces energy usage as well as the possible issues of draughts, dampness and condensation.

How they open

We have already touched on how the windows open; however, let’s look at them in more detail. Casement windows open via an external hinge. You can choose between top-hung and side-hung, which means that you have plenty of choices. That said, a swing arc isn’t always the best idea for many homes as it obstructs the outside view of the world.

Sash windows, in their most traditional form, will open vertically. Whilst this doesn’t have the issue of obstructing your view of the outside world, what it can mean is that they are more challenging to reach. This can make cleaning your windows and giving them some overall maintenance, is more difficult.

Their style

One of the most apparent differences between sash windows and casement windows is their style. Casement windows are sleek, whilst sash windows are more traditional in their style. This can really help your window to look elegant and stylish, which is ideal if you like the idea of this for your home.

Timber sash windows are usually seen on more period-style properties, which means they can bring in the sense of style and elegance that you may not find with casement windows.

Of course, whether you go for casement or sash windows is really down to you and what you are looking for. However, remember that as modern advancements are made in the design, more changes are being made to sash windows.

They are often becoming a more popular choice for many homes, and as well as bringing their sense of style, they are also being made from modern materials that are more robust and designed to last, no matter the weather.


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