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Sustainability In Construction – Examples

Sustainability In Construction – Examples
Sustainability In Construction – Examples
Tue Nov 16

Sustainability has been a large concern across the globe for some time now.

As we learn more about the importance of being sustainable, demand for following best practices is growing, especially in the construction industry.

The UK has set a goal set to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

In order to achieve this, everyone needs to do their part.

The construction industry is in a position to be a top driver for social change and a cleaner environmental footprint.

Keep reading as we discuss the steps the construction industry is taking towards being more sustainable.

Importance of being sustainable

Sustainability has become an increasing concern among various industries over the past few years.

Climate change, government regulation, consumer demand, and the finite nature of resources are all factors that play into the pressing demand for the construction industry to become more sustainable.

From energy use to disposing of waste, the construction industry has a huge environmental impact.

The equipment used for projects relies heavily on fossil fuels, and shipping materials creates a large amount of carbon emissions.

Ways the construction industry can be more sustainable

The construction industry has faced many challenges that were heightened by the pandemic – shortages of materials, increased safety protocols, and skilled workers, just to name a few.

At the core of it all, there was the focus in the industry to reduce the carbon footprint and become more sustainable.

Here are some strategies the construction sector can adopt to become more sustainable in their projects:

  • Using recycled and natural materials when possible
  • Work with suppliers who use sustainable production methods
  • Adding smart appliances, like thermostats and HVAC systems, throughout a building
  • Consider hybrid or electric machinery and vehicles
  • Be strategic with window placements by placing them in areas that maximise the amount of natural light coming in
  • Make the switch to using sash windows for projects

Sustainability of sash windows

When developing project plans, contractors, architects, and others involved should consider timber sash windows.

Wooden sash windows are the most environmentally friendly option for windows for a number of reasons.

For starters, most wooden sash windows are made from fast growing pine trees from managed forests.

For every tree that is cut down for materials, a new tree is planted.

In the event that sash window repairs are needed, the window doesn’t have to be completely replaced and thrown into a landfill.

Components can be replaced or repainted easily and sections of damaged wood can be removed and replaced if necessary.

If the window frames are still in good condition, new sashes can be fitted to the existing frames.

Additionally, wood is naturally very good and insulating heat, making wooden sash windows more thermal efficient in comparison to other window choices.

Are you looking to become more sustainable with your construction projects?

Take the first step to introducing sustainability in construction by choosing sash windows.

TRC Windows are specialists in sash window restoration, design, and manufacture for historic buildings and new build projects with over 25 years of experience.

To learn more about our sash window services, contact us.


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