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Common sash window issues, how they could be prevented

Common sash window issues, how they could be prevented
Common sash window issues, how they could be prevented
Sat Aug 6

One thing is for sure when it comes to sash windows; they look fantastic. However, this elegant, traditional timber window type can have a few problems. The leading cause for these problems is that the older sash windows you can find in properties are made from timber.

Wood is sturdy, this is true, but it is not always the most resilient of all the materials that you can use, and if there is bad weather, then this can make the issues even more evident.

Cracked frames

Cracked frames are one of the most common issues regarding sash windows, and the main reason for this is the wood used to craft the frames. Even high-quality timber can find it hard to survive in poor weather conditions.

When exposed to particular weather, the timber on the frames can twist and decay, which means that gaps emerge. These gaps allow for more water to get into the wood, which not only means more significant cracks but also can mean that you feel the cold blowing through your home too.

The best way to try and combat these issues is to ensure that you get your windows maintained, checked and (if needed) repaired as much as you can; this will help to ensure that the windows stand the test of time.


Another common issue is condensation. This develops when the cold air outside meets the hot air that comes from inside your home. This is usually in the gaps in the wood that have formed. Condensation can then form, meaning you need to check over your windows, and you may even find that the sealant needs to be replaced.

Both of these can be tackled by an expert in sash windows.

The window is sticking

Sash windows have a vertical mechanism which allows them to slide upwards, usually very seamlessly. One common issue that can develop over time is that the window sticks in certain parts of the opening process, or they may squeak. Both of these show there is a potential issue that may need to be fixed.

No matter if there is a chance that your sash windows can develop an issue during their lifetime, they are still a great addition to have in your home. They are designed to not only look great but also to bring a sense of tradition and elegance to the property too. Something that can be hard to achieve with modern-styled windows.

Another thing to remember is that many of the issues that can arise with sash windows may be much easier to fix than you realise. Especially if you speak to an expert in this type of window and find out the changes, they can suggest to help ensure that they do not happen again in the long run.


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