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Sash window sill replacement – what you need to know

Sash window sill replacement – what you need to know
Sash window sill replacement – what you need to know
Wed Apr 6

When it comes to sash windows, one of the most common problems that needs to be worked on and repaired is sill replacement on external sills. These external sills will bear the brunt of the weather that being in Britain has to bring.

When the weather is bad, the paintwork can crack and flake, which then means that any rainwater is absorbed into the wood. Water in the wood is just going to encourage rot to set in.

Rotten wood is not something you will want in your timber sash window, which means you will need to repair and maybe even think about replacing the window sill. This could be an easy thing to do in a standard window, but this is not so true with sash windows.

Which windows are most likely to need their sill replaced?

One question you are likely to have is which of your windows will need to be replaced. The truth is that any windows that are made from timber are going to be vulnerable to damage.

You may think that north-facing windows will be the most impacted due to the lack of sun; however, the truth is that south-facing windows are more often the most likely to need work. The reason for this is that the sun will crack the paint, allowing moisture to penetrate the wood and then leading to rot that will cause it to deteriorate.

How a window sill is replaced/repaired on a sash window

For a window sill to be repaired properly, you will need to make sure that you arrange a professional to carry out this work.

They will thoroughly remove the rotten sill and the bottom of the box. This means that all the rotten parts, including the joints, can be replaced with brand new timber.

These new joints are sealed, which will prevent more water from being able to be absorbed, which is good news for you and for your window too.

As for the window sill, this will be made from a hardwood, which will not only be durable and long-lasting but will also be chosen to match the existing style of your sash window. That way, you won’t notice the difference between the old window and the new replacement sill.

How can I stop this from happening?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a damaged window sill can be prevented by ensuring that you keep on top of the maintenance of the sill. You need to make sure that they are regularly painted, which not only will help to limit the cracks that can form but will also allow you to check over the condition of the wood on the sill and see if there are any signs of rot.

If you think that your sill is past its best, then you need to speak to an expert to ascertain whether or not you will need the sills to be replaced, and then they can get to work.

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