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Like For Like Replacement Windows For Crescent House

Like For Like Replacement Windows For Crescent House
Like For Like Replacement Windows For Crescent House
Fri Nov 29

When we talk about “like-for-like” replacement windows, we genuinely mean an exact replacement that honours the look and feel of the original window. Within this remit, we know that we can also make significant improvements to the thermal and acoustic efficiency of each window without compromising its appearance.

This means that these new windows will last longer, dramatically reduce heating and cooling bills, and provide far better sound insulation that the originals. Wherever possible the new windows are made from responsibly sourced wood that is replaced with new trees to protect the ecological balance of our environment.

The renovation of London’s Crescent House is another one of many of our projects that clearly illustrates these points.

Many of our older readers will be aware that vast areas of the East End of London were flattened by bombs during the Second World War and that extensive building and construction projects were undertaken in the early 1950s to help restore housing and industry to the worst affected parts of London.

Creating The Golden Lane Estate

Crescent House forms part of the Golden Lane Estate, which is located not far from today’s Barbican Centre. In the 1950s the Corporation of London launched a competition for architects to design a suitable council estate that would attract and meet the needs of professional couples and single people rather than families with children whose needs were largely being met elsewhere.

The architectural partnership of Chamberlin, Powell and Bon won the contract from Powell’s original submission of mainly studios and one bedroom flats. The overall design pays homage to the work of Le Corbusier, the renowned leader of the modernist movement, who was determined to create a better society through providing better living conditions and housing. Chamberlin, Powell and Bon are notable as they also went on to create the Barbican.

The City of London Commissions TRC

Over 60 years later, the City of London approached TRC to replace all of the windows with Like for Like replacements. Following a detailed site survey, TRC discovered that every single window to be replaced was unique and therefore would require individual bespoke attention. There simply aren’t that many window manufacturers across the UK who could take on a project of this size AND deliver an affordable proposal given this amount of bespoke work.

How TRC Intends to Deliver These Bespoke Windows

The original wooden sash windows were made from Sapele and the TRC replacements will also be sourced from 100% sustainable Sapele Hardwood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The original windows featured a horizontal pivot sash and TRC replicated this sash but also added a built-in safety restrictor to stop the sash at 100mm. Some of the original windows featured a single glazed vertical pivot steel element. These would be replaced with an anodised Reynaers SL68 Aluminium window complete with an easy clean hinge that also delivered a U value of 1.5.

In fact, overall, the new TRC windows achieve U values of 1.4 – a substantial thermal improvement on the originals. They also feature acoustic double glazing and, as you can see from the pictures, each unique profile shape and design was exactly matched by the replacements.

We were also delighted that the designers want to retain a more natural look so, rather than paint every window a uniform cream colour (which, to be fair, was the fashion of the pervious era) the final treated windows will be allowed to show off the natural beauty of the wood itself.

If we can help you with your windows restoration project or you would like custom made replacement “like for like” slim profile double glazed sash windows, please call TRC Contracts, “Experts in Bespoke Timber Sash & Casement Windows Replacement & Restoration” on 01858 469 225 or send an email to


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