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How to avoid damaging a sash window

How to avoid damaging a sash window
How to avoid damaging a sash window
Tue Jan 24

When you have taken the time to think about installing sash windows on your property (and you have paid out to have them installed, too), the last thing that you are going to want to find is that the sash windows installed into your property are damaged and need repairing or replacing.

To ensure that the risk of damaging a sash window in your property is kept to a minimum, here are the main things you will need to avoid doing or that you can do to help them be in the best condition possible.

Make sure they are clean

Any window needs to be kept clean; however, this need does increase with sash windows. You want to avoid using paper towels to wipe down the glass, as you will be moving dirt around on the window pane and attracting more dust to the surface.

It is much better to use a specialist glass cleaner to clean your sash windows, wiping them down with a microfibre cloth. It is also a good idea to avoid cleaning your windows on a day that is too sunny and warm, as this will dry them too quickly and lead to streaking.

Paint them

If your sash window is made from timber, you will want to make sure that you paint them at least every four years. Not only will painting them give them a refreshed and revamped look, but it will also protect them from the elements too.

Stop them sticking

A common problem with sash windows is that they stick when opened or closed. Sash windows should always easily slide open and shut. The main reason for sash windows sticking is because the paint is messy, so when it is painted (and dries), it seals the window.

If this is the case with your sash window, then you can remove the excess paint with a knife, which should help them to stop sticking.

Oil them

If you have removed the paint and still find that the window is sticking, you may need to oil the window. Oiling the frame, hinges and features of your pulley system will help to loosen up the window and make it as easy as possible to open and close it and reduce the chance that the window will become damaged by excessive force.

Check them regularly

Another thing you should do with your sash windows makes sure you give them a regular check-over. You want to ensure that the window is in the best condition possible and that there are no signs of rot.

Rot can and does happen with wood when exposed to the elements, and it can, over time, eat away at the structure of the frame, which is not going to be good news for you.

If you find a sign of rot, it is best to get it fixed early rather than later, as this will help reduce the damage (and keep the costs down for you).

As you can see, there are many things to keep in mind when owning sash windows. However, when you have invested time and money into installing them in your home, you will be more than happy to ensure that they are correctly looked after


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