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Energy efficiency and historic buildings

Energy efficiency and historic buildings
Energy efficiency and historic buildings
Tue Nov 9

It’s that time of year again – winter is coming and so is the colder weather.

When building or renovating a listed property, the last thing those residing in it want is increased energy bills and discomfort during this time of year.

To prevent warm air from slipping out of windows and doors, there are a few changes you can do to make your listed property more energy efficient.

Benefits of an energy efficient property

There are many benefits of having an energy efficient property.

The main benefits are that making these improvements can lower both your fuel bill and your carbon footprint.

Other benefits include:

  • Keeping your property warm during the harsh winter months
  • Increased comfort
  • Gives your property higher value
  • Improved air quality

Ways to make your listed property more energy efficient

Making changes to a listed property is a little more complex than just taking on a regular home renovation project.

There are restrictions on the changes you are permitted to make.

However, there are relatively simple changes you can make to increase your property’s energy efficiency without altering the building itself, making them ideal for listed properties.

Routine maintenance

How often do you clear out your gutters and blocked drains?

By following a routine maintenance schedule for your property to complete these tasks, you can reduce damp issues that make your property feel colder.

Draught-proof the home

Draught-proofing the property is one of the least intrusive ways of improving energy efficiency.

You can install solutions on your doors and windows without making any physical changes to your property, or undergoing long, tedious construction work.

This can also be done by getting thicker curtains, rugs and carpets to protect heat loss and keep the property warm.

Improve insulation

You’ll want your insulation in your roof, floors, walls and windows to be thick enough and free of any gaps.

Typically, newer properties are built with excellent insulation already in place.

If you have an older property, it is more likely that it will have problems retaining heat, which means you’ll need to upgrade the insulation.

When it comes to roof insulation, as long as you are using matching materials, you do not need to ask for consent for roofing repairs.

Use renewable energy sources

Often referred to as “green energy” or “clean energy”, renewable energy sources emit no or hardly any greenhouse gases.

Types of renewable energy sources that can be used for listed properties include solar panels, wind energy, air source heat pumps, and more.

Are you looking to make your listed property more energy efficient, but not sure where to start?

Trust the UK’s leading sash window restoration and replacement specialists, TRC Windows.

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve serviced some of the most prestigious homes, hotels and historic buildings in the UK to make them more energy efficient.

To find out what solutions are needed for your listed property, get in touch with our experts today.


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