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The advantages of sash windows

The advantages of sash windows
The advantages of sash windows
Wed Mar 16

Sash windows are the second most popular window style in Britain, for both period and modern properties, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you have sash windows already, are looking to do some sash window restoration, or looking to buy new, there are plenty of advantages of sash windows, many of which are listed below, the most significant aspects that make them the best choice.

Aesthetics, charm and history

Sash windows have a design that has been popular and well loved for hundreds of years, with a timeless look that is both aesthetically pleasing and charming in nature. They really add to a properties overall feel, whether it’s a countryside cottage or a contemporary apartment, a traditional sash window is guaranteed to please because they are reminiscent of classic architecture.

Great ventilation

Opening a sash windows panel the same amount at the top and the bottom is the perfect way to maximise airflow, cooling and refreshing a room naturally and efficiently. Thanks to its design, the fresh, cold air moves into the room through the bottom opening, pushing the warm, stale air up and out through the top opening, creating a continuous cycle.

This great ventilation system is a great choice for those who are energy conscious, since it cuts down the need for air conditioning units or electrical fans. Comparatively, other window styles require different windows or doors to be open in opposite sides of the house in order to create a much less efficient airflow, which is not always a possibility and may also generate undesired noise pollution.

Safety and security

Sash windows also excel in regards to their safety and security features. The window panels open a lot less than timber casement windows, meaning they are hard to get into or out of – great for when you are concerned about burglars breaking in, children falling out, or pets making a daring escape. It is also easy to add extra safety measures, such as a variety of locks and child safety devices, which further restrict the opening of the panels whilst still allowing air to flow in and out.

Ease of use

Sash windows have been around for a really long time, demonstrating that their design and ease of use really does stand the test of time. There is no need to worry about complex mechanisms and how they work, since everything is fairly simple and familiar; even if they have evolved over time, the basic operation has stayed simple and the same. With their classic and simple design, you won’t have to worry about moving levers and windows opening at weird angles or taking up space inside the room. All in all, the advantages of sash windows are far reaching.


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